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Quad — class, package starling.display
A Quad represents a colored and/or textured rectangle.
Quad(width:Number, height:Number, color:uint) — Constructor, class starling.display.Quad
Creates a quad with a certain size and color.
quality — Property, class starling.filters.BlurFilter
The quality of the blur effect.
quality — Property, class starling.filters.DropShadowFilter
The quality used for blurring the shadow (range: 0.1 - 1).
quality — Property, class starling.filters.GlowFilter
The quality used for blurring the glow.
_queue — Property, class starling.events.TouchProcessor
A vector of arrays with the arguments that were passed to the "enqueue" method (the oldest being at the end of the vector).
queue — Property, class starling.utils.AssetManager
The queue contains one 'Object' for each enqueued asset.
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