BlendMode A class that provides constant values for visual blend mode effects.
 Button A simple button composed of an image and, optionally, text.
 ButtonState A class that provides constant values for the states of the Button class.
 Canvas A display object supporting basic vector drawing functionality.
 DisplayObject The DisplayObject class is the base class for all objects that are rendered on the screen.
 DisplayObjectContainer A DisplayObjectContainer represents a collection of display objects.
 Image An Image is a quad with a texture mapped onto it.
 Mesh The base class for all tangible (non-container) display objects, spawned up by a number of triangles.
 MeshBatch Combines a number of meshes to one display object and renders them efficiently.
 MovieClip A MovieClip is a simple way to display an animation depicted by a list of textures.
 Quad A Quad represents a colored and/or textured rectangle.
 Sprite A Sprite is the most lightweight, non-abstract container class.
 Sprite3D A container that allows you to position objects in three-dimensional space.
 Stage A Stage represents the root of the display tree.