starling.animationThe components of Starlings animation system. 
 starling.assetsStarling's AssetManager and supporting classes. 
 starling.coreContains the core component of the framework. 
 starling.displayThe main classes from which to build anything that is displayed on the screen. 
 starling.errorsA set of commonly used error classes. 
 starling.eventsA simplified version of Flash's DOM event model, including an alternative EventDispatcher base class. 
 starling.filtersPost processing filters for special effects. 
 starling.geomGeometry classes that expand on what the corresponding Flash package has to offer. 
 starling.renderingAll things related to Stage3D rendering. 
 starling.stylesStyles completely modify the way a mesh is rendered and batched. 
 starling.textClasses for working with text fields and bitmap fonts. 
 starling.texturesClasses to create and work with GPU texture data. 
 starling.utilsUtility classes and helper methods.