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IAnimatable — Interface, package starling.animation
The IAnimatable interface describes objects that are animated depending on the passed time.
id — Property, class starling.events.Touch
The identifier of a touch.
IFilterHelper — Interface, package starling.filters
An interface describing the methods available on the helper object passed to the process call of fragment filters.
Image — class, package starling.display
An Image is a quad with a texture mapped onto it.
Image(texture:starling.textures:Texture) — Constructor, class starling.display.Image
Creates an image with a texture mapped onto it.
indexBuffer — Property, class starling.rendering.Effect
The internally used index buffer used on rendering.
indexBufferSize — Property, class starling.rendering.Effect
The current size of the index buffer (in number of indices).
indexData — Property, class starling.display.Mesh
The index data describing how the vertices are interconnected.
indexData — Property, class starling.filters.FragmentFilter
The IndexData used to process the effect.
indexData — Property, class starling.styles.MeshStyle
Returns a reference to the index data of the assigned target (or null if there is no target).
IndexData — class, package starling.rendering
The IndexData class manages a raw list of vertex indices, allowing direct upload to Stage3D index buffers.
IndexData(initialCapacity:int) — Constructor, class starling.rendering.IndexData
Creates an empty IndexData instance with the given capacity (in indices).
indexID — Property, class starling.rendering.BatchToken
The ID of the next index within the current MeshBatch.
indexID — Property, class starling.utils.MeshSubset
The ID of the first index.
indexSizeInBytes — Property, class starling.rendering.IndexData
The number of bytes required for each index value.
initialize() — Static Method , class starling.utils.SystemUtil
Initializes the ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE event handlers on the native application.
interactsWith(target:starling.display:DisplayObject) — method, class starling.events.TouchEvent
Indicates if a target is currently being touched or hovered over.
interpolate(startColor:uint, endColor:uint, ratio:Number) — Static Method , class starling.utils.Color
Calculates a smooth transition between one color to the next.
intersect(rect1:flash.geom:Rectangle, rect2:flash.geom:Rectangle, out:flash.geom:Rectangle) — Static Method , class starling.utils.RectangleUtil
Calculates the intersection between two Rectangles.
intersectLineWithXYPlane(pointA:flash.geom:Vector3D, pointB:flash.geom:Vector3D, out:flash.geom:Point) — Static Method , class starling.utils.MathUtil
Calculates the intersection point between the xy-plane and an infinite line that is defined by two 3D points in the same coordinate system.
invert() — method, class starling.filters.ColorMatrixFilter
Inverts the colors of the filtered object.
ioError — Event, class starling.utils.AssetManager
Dispatched when an URLLoader fails with an IO_ERROR while processing the queue.
IO_ERROR — Constant Static Property, class starling.events.Event
Event type that is dispatched by the AssetManager when a file/url cannot be loaded.
is3D — Property, class starling.display.DisplayObject
Indicates if this object or any of its parents is a 'Sprite3D' object.
is3D — Property, class starling.rendering.RenderState
Indicates if there have been any 3D transformations.
isAIR — Static Property, class starling.utils.SystemUtil
Indicates if the code is executed in an Adobe AIR runtime (true) or Flash plugin/projector (false).
isApplicationActive — Static Property, class starling.utils.SystemUtil
Indicates if the application is currently active.
isAtfData(data:flash.utils:ByteArray) — Static Method , class starling.textures.AtfData
Checks the first 3 bytes of the data for the 'ATF' signature.
isCached — Property, class starling.filters.FragmentFilter
Indicates if the filter is cached (via the cache method).
isComplete — Property, class starling.animation.DelayedCall
Indicates if enough time has passed, and the call has already been executed.
isComplete — Property, class starling.animation.Tween
Indicates if the tween is finished.
isComplete — Property, class starling.display.MovieClip
Indicates if a (non-looping) movie has come to its end.
isConvex — Property, class starling.geom.Polygon
Indicates if the polygon is convex.
isCubeMap — Property, class starling.textures.AtfData
Indicates if the ATF data encodes a cube map.
isDefaultPrevented() — method, class starling.events.KeyboardEvent
Checks whether the preventDefault() method has been called on the event.
isDesktop — Static Property, class starling.utils.SystemUtil
Indicates if the code is executed on a Desktop computer with Windows, OS X or Linux operating system.
isEmbeddedFont(fontName:String, bold:Boolean, italic:Boolean, fontType:String) — Static Method , class starling.utils.SystemUtil
Figures out if an embedded font with the specified style is available.
isEquivalent(a:Number, b:Number, epsilon:Number) — Static Method , class starling.utils.MathUtil
Indicates if two float (Number) values are equal, give or take epsilon.
isHtmlText — Property, class starling.text.TextField
Indicates if text should be interpreted as HTML code.
isHtmlText — Property, class starling.text.TextOptions
Indicates if text should be interpreted as HTML code.
isIdentity(matrix:flash.geom:Matrix) — Static Method , class starling.utils.MatrixUtil
Determines if the matrix is an identity matrix.
isIdentity3D(matrix:flash.geom:Matrix3D) — Static Method , class starling.utils.MatrixUtil
Determines if the 3D matrix is an identity matrix.
isLoading — Property, class starling.utils.AssetManager
Indicates if a queue is currently being loaded.
isPersistent — Property, class starling.textures.RenderTexture
Indicates if the texture is persistent over multiple draw calls.
isPlaying — Property, class starling.display.MovieClip
Indicates if the clip is still playing.
isPointInTriangle(p:flash.geom:Point, a:flash.geom:Point, b:flash.geom:Point, c:flash.geom:Point) — Static Method , class starling.utils.MathUtil
Calculates if the point p is inside the triangle a-b-c.
isPotTexture — Property, class starling.textures.ConcreteTexture
Indicates if the base texture is a standard power-of-two dimensioned texture of type flash.display3D.textures.Texture.
isSimple — Property, class starling.geom.Polygon
Indicates if the polygon's line segments are not self-intersecting.
isStarted — Property, class starling.core.Starling
Indicates if this Starling instance is started.
isTouching(target:starling.display:DisplayObject) — method, class starling.events.Touch
Indicates if the target or one of its children is touched.
isValid(smoothing:String) — Static Method , class starling.textures.TextureSmoothing
Determines whether a smoothing value is valid.
isValid(align:String) — Static Method , class starling.utils.Align
Indicates whether the given alignment string is valid.
isValid(scaleMode:String) — Static Method , class starling.utils.ScaleMode
Indicates whether the given scale mode string is valid.
isValidHorizontal(align:String) — Static Method , class starling.utils.Align
Indicates if the given string is a valid horizontal alignment.
isValidVertical(align:String) — Static Method , class starling.utils.Align
Indicates if the given string is a valid vertical alignment.
italic — Property, class starling.text.TextFormat
Indicates whether the text is italicized.
ITextCompositor — Interface, package starling.text
A text compositor arranges letters for Starling's TextField.
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