ITextCompositor A text compositor arranges letters for Starling's TextField.
 BitmapChar A BitmapChar contains the information about one char of a bitmap font.
 BitmapCharLocation A helper class referencing a BitmapChar and properties about its location and size.
 BitmapFont The BitmapFont class parses bitmap font files and arranges the glyphs in the form of a text.
 BitmapFontType This class is an enumeration of possible types of bitmap fonts.
 TextField A TextField displays text, using either standard true type fonts, custom bitmap fonts, or a custom text representation.
 TextFieldAutoSize This class is an enumeration of constant values used in setting the autoSize property of the TextField class.
 TextFormat The TextFormat class represents character formatting information.
 TextOptions The TextOptions class contains data that describes how the letters of a text should be assembled on text composition.
 TrueTypeCompositor This text compositor uses a Flash TextField to render system- or embedded fonts into a texture.