AssetFactory An AssetFactory is responsible for creating a concrete instance of an asset.
 AssetFactoryHelper A helper class that's passed to an AssetFactory's "create" method.
 AssetManager The AssetManager handles loading and accessing a variety of asset types.
 AssetReference The description of an asset to be created by an AssetFactory.
 AssetType An enumeration class containing all the asset types supported by the AssetManager.
 AtfTextureFactory This AssetFactory creates texture assets from ATF files.
 BitmapTextureFactory This AssetFactory creates texture assets from bitmaps and image files.
 ByteArrayFactory This AssetFactory forwards ByteArrays to the AssetManager.
 DataLoader Loads binary data from a local or remote URL with a very simple callback system.
 JsonFactory This AssetFactory creates objects from JSON data.
 SoundFactory This AssetFactory creates sound assets.
 XmlFactory This AssetFactory creates XML assets, texture atlases and bitmap fonts.