IFilterHelper An interface describing the methods available on the helper object passed to the process call of fragment filters.
 BlurFilter The BlurFilter applies a Gaussian blur to an object.
 ColorMatrixFilter The ColorMatrixFilter class lets you apply a 4x5 matrix transformation to the color and alpha values of every pixel in the input image to produce a result with a new set of color and alpha values.
 CompositeFilter The CompositeFilter class allows to combine several layers of textures into one texture.
 CompositeMode An enumeration class with the available modes that are offered by the CompositeFilter to draw layers on top of each other.
 DisplacementMapFilter The DisplacementMapFilter class uses the pixel values from the specified texture (called the map texture) to perform a displacement of an object.
 DropShadowFilter The DropShadowFilter class lets you add a drop shadow to display objects.
 FilterChain The FilterChain allows you to combine several filters into one.
 FragmentFilter The FragmentFilter class is the base class for all filter effects in Starling.
 GlowFilter The GlowFilter class lets you apply a glow effect to display objects.