Documentation for classes includes syntax, usage information, and code samples for methods, properties, and event handlers and listeners for those APIs that belong to a specific class in ActionScript. The classes are listed alphabetically. If you are not sure to which class a certain method or property belongs, you can look it up in the Index.

starling.errors An AbstractClassError is thrown when you attempt to create an instance of an abstract class.
starling.errors An AbstractMethodError is thrown when you attempt to call an abstract method.
starling.utils The AssetManager handles loading and accessing a variety of asset types.
starling.textures A parser for the ATF data format.
starling.text A BitmapChar contains the information about one char of a bitmap font.
starling.text The BitmapFont class parses bitmap font files and arranges the glyphs in the form of a text.
starling.display A class that provides constant values for visual blend mode effects.
starling.filters The BlurFilter applies a Gaussian blur to an object.
starling.display A simple button composed of an image and, optionally, text.
starling.utils A utility class containing predefined colors and methods converting between different color representations.
starling.filters The ColorMatrixFilter class lets you apply a 4x5 matrix transformation on the RGBA color and alpha values of every pixel in the input image to produce a result with a new set of RGBA color and alpha values.
starling.textures A ConcreteTexture wraps a Stage3D texture object, storing the properties of the texture.
starling.animation A DelayedCall allows you to execute a method after a certain time has passed.
starling.filters The DisplacementMapFilter class uses the pixel values from the specified texture (called the displacement map) to perform a displacement of an object.
starling.display The DisplayObject class is the base class for all objects that are rendered on the screen.
starling.display A DisplayObjectContainer represents a collection of display objects.
 EnterFrameEvent An EnterFrameEvent is triggered once per frame and is dispatched to all objects in the display tree.
 Event Event objects are passed as parameters to event listeners when an event occurs.
 EventDispatcher The EventDispatcher class is the base class for all classes that dispatch events.
starling.filters The FragmentFilter class is the base class for all filter effects in Starling.
starling.filters A class that provides constant values for filter modes.
starling.utils A class that provides constant values for horizontal alignment of objects.
starling.animation The IAnimatable interface describes objects that are animated depending on the passed time.
starling.display An Image is a quad with a texture mapped onto it.
starling.animation The Juggler takes objects that implement IAnimatable (like Tweens) and executes them.
 KeyboardEvent A KeyboardEvent is dispatched in response to user input through a keyboard.
starling.utils A utility class containing methods related to the Matrix class.
starling.errors A MissingContextError is thrown when a Context3D object is required but not (yet) available.
starling.display A MovieClip is a simple way to display an animation depicted by a list of textures.
starling.display A Quad represents a rectangle with a uniform color or a color gradient.
starling.display Optimizes rendering of a number of quads with an identical state.
starling.utils A utility class containing methods related to the Rectangle class.
starling.core A class that contains helper methods simplifying Stage3D rendering.
starling.textures A RenderTexture is a dynamic texture onto which you can draw any display object.
 ResizeEvent A ResizeEvent is dispatched by the stage when the size of the Flash container changes.
starling.utils A class that provides constant values for the '' method.
starling.display A Sprite is the most lightweight, non-abstract container class.
starling.display A Stage represents the root of the display tree.
starling.core The Starling class represents the core of the Starling framework.
starling.textures A SubTexture represents a section of another texture.
starling.utils A utility class with methods related to the current platform and runtime.
starling.text A TextField displays text, either using standard true type fonts or custom bitmap fonts.
starling.text This class is an enumeration of constant values used in setting the autoSize property of the TextField class.
starling.textures A texture stores the information that represents an image.
starling.textures A texture atlas is a collection of many smaller textures in one big image.
starling.textures The TextureOptions class specifies options for loading textures with the 'Texture.fromData' method.
starling.textures A class that provides constant values for the possible smoothing algorithms of a texture.
 Touch A Touch object contains information about the presence or movement of a finger or the mouse on the screen.
 TouchEvent A TouchEvent is triggered either by touch or mouse input.
 TouchPhase A class that provides constant values for the phases of a touch object.
 TouchProcessor The TouchProcessor is used to convert mouse and touch events of the conventional Flash stage to Starling's TouchEvents.
starling.animation The Transitions class contains static methods that define easing functions.
starling.animation A Tween animates numeric properties of objects.
starling.utils A class that provides constant values for vertical alignment of objects.
starling.utils The VertexData class manages a raw list of vertex information, allowing direct upload to Stage3D vertex buffers.