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underline — Property, class starling.text.TextFormat
Indicates whether the text is underlined.
unregisterBitmapFont(name:String, dispose:Boolean) — Static Method , class starling.text.TextField
Unregisters the bitmap font and, optionally, disposes it.
UP — Constant Static Property, class starling.display.ButtonState
The button's default state.
UPDATE — Constant Static Property, class starling.events.Event
An event type to be utilized in custom events.
updateEffect(effect:starling.rendering:MeshEffect, state:starling.rendering:RenderState) — method, class starling.styles.MeshStyle
Updates the settings of the given effect to match the current style.
updateEmbeddedFonts() — Static Method , class starling.text.TextField
Updates the list of embedded fonts.
updateTinted(attrName:String) — method, class starling.rendering.VertexData
Updates the tinted property from the actual color data.
uploadAtfData(data:flash.utils:ByteArray, offset:int, async:any) — method, class starling.textures.ConcreteTexture
Uploads ATF data from a ByteArray to the texture.
uploadBitmap(bitmap:flash.display:Bitmap) — method, class starling.textures.ConcreteTexture
Uploads a bitmap to the texture.
uploadBitmapData(data:flash.display:BitmapData) — method, class starling.textures.ConcreteTexture
Uploads bitmap data to the texture.
uploadIndexData(indexData:starling.rendering:IndexData, bufferUsage:String) — method, class starling.rendering.Effect
Uploads the given index data to the internal index buffer.
uploadToIndexBuffer(buffer:flash.display3D:IndexBuffer3D, indexID:int, numIndices:int) — method, class starling.rendering.IndexData
Uploads the complete data (or a section of it) to the given index buffer.
uploadToVertexBuffer(buffer:flash.display3D:VertexBuffer3D, vertexID:int, numVertices:int) — method, class starling.rendering.VertexData
Uploads the complete data (or a section of it) to the given vertex buffer.
uploadVertexData(vertexData:starling.rendering:VertexData, bufferUsage:String) — method, class starling.rendering.Effect
Uploads the given vertex data to the internal vertex buffer.
upState — Property, class starling.display.Button
The texture that is displayed when the button is not being touched.
useDoubleBuffering — Static Property, class starling.textures.RenderTexture
Indicates if new persistent textures should use double buffering.
useHandCursor — Property, class starling.display.Button
Indicates if the mouse cursor should transform into a hand while it's over the button.
useHandCursor — Property, class starling.display.DisplayObject
Indicates if the mouse cursor should transform into a hand while it's over the sprite.
useMipMaps — Property, class starling.utils.AssetManager
For bitmap textures, this flag indicates if mip maps should be generated when they are loaded; for ATF textures, it indicates if mip maps are valid and should be used.
useQuadLayout — Property, class starling.rendering.IndexData
Indicates if all indices are following the basic quad layout.
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